SEO Service in Nepal

I believe you know what SEO is and its importance. So I don’t think I need to explain it to you again. I believe you are here to learn about my SEO service. Hence I have explained my working strategy and procedure here in this article. I believe it will help you to decide on whether to opt-in for the service or not.

SEO Work

SEO Service can be divided into two divisions, according to the nature of work – One Time Work and Recurring Work.

One Time work consists of

1. Technical Optimization

  • Page Speed
  • Schema Installation
  • Image Optimization
  • Code Optimization (only when required)
  • Use of Cache
  • Protocol Redirections
  • Sitemap
  • Robots.txt
  • Breadcrumb installation

2. Keyword Analysis

  • Main and subsidiary keyword determination through google keyword planner
  • Top 20 Google Serps audit according to keywords (meta tags, URLs, DA, PA, and app.Inbound Links)
  • Top 10 Benchmarking (for on-page SEO factor) as per keyword

3. Onsite Optimization

  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Image Alt Tag
  • Broken Link issues
  • Search consoles set up (Google, Bing, Yandex)
  • Google Analytics installation
  • Canonical Issues
  • Social Media
  • Follows Document Style
  • Internal Link

4. Landing Page Optimization

  • Keyword in Meta Title with appropriate length
  • Keyword in Meta Description with appropriate length
  • Keyword in URLKeyword in Various format
  • Keyword in the 1st paragraph
  • Follows document style format
  • Word count as required
  • Link Counts with the appropriate attribute
  • Images in the pages with an appropriate alt tag

Recurring work consists of

1. Link Building

  • Brand keyword for Home page
  • 2 landing page keyword
  • blog article link building.

2. Content Writing

Strategy – Link Building Process

Middle man Strategy

A harsh truth, people won’t link to service page or simply money page because most of them won’t find any advantage of sharing that particular page. Hence, we will build a blog with much more information that has value and urge to share with others. This blog article will be linked to the service page. Hence, this page’s authority will be distributed with the service page.

middle man strategy

Skyscraper Technique for blog articles

In this technique, we will create a valuable and detailed long form of article which covers almost every topic. We will then outreach to other bloggers with the objective to share with their followers. Since the article will be in-depth and has every answer to the possible questions, they may likely share the article in their blog post or through their social media accounts.

Guest Posting

With this strategy, we will outreach similar niche website to publish our article with a link.

Tier 2 link building

Another fact that we must consider is the authority of the linked article. If it has high authority then it will have more benefit to rank than the low one. So, to combat this issue, we will generate some backlink to the linked article with the objective to increase the authority of that page and in return, our page’s authority will also increase.

tier 2 link building

Implementation – Link Building Works

For Landing Page / WebsiteFor Blog articles
Blog commentingBlog commenting
Citation BuildupQuora Links
Business listingBlogger Outreach
Blogging in own siteGuest posting
Classified adsForum posting
Article SubmissionMicroblogging

Social bookmarking

In the Nutshell

Here’s the SEO service that I am able to provide you. If you want to learn more about the service then you can contact me through the contact page.

Let’s work together to achieve new height.